Bob and Lauren Hasson, Business and Ministry

Season #1

Bob Hasson has been a businessman for over 40 years. His passion is strengthening leaders and their organizations. His wisdom and strength for entrepreneurs, ministries, and leaders has been won through years of overcoming difficult trials in business.

You may know him from co-authoring "The Business of Honor" with Danny Silk or "Wired to Hear" with Shawn Bolz. He is also the co-host of "Exploring the Marketplace" podcast with Shawn Bolz. This year he released his first solo project, "Shortcuts: the Proven Path to Purpose, Excellence, & Calling" now available on Amazon.


Lauren Hasson is the founder and director of Lifestreams Ministries, an organization of like-minded leaders who champion one another and their cities, forming visionary relationships for Kingdom causes. Lauren has been a leader in ministry for over thirty-five years.

As an actress, she understands the power of story to illuminate the heart of the Father and His relentless pursuit of intimacy and destiny in each person’s life. Lauren is also gifted in creating unique events and opportunities for organic, family-like, strategic connections to form across disciplinary and denominational lines, especially among leaders and influencers. 



Susan Fleming is co-author of the #1 international best-seller, "Just Say No: 14 Transformational Keys to Set Healthy Boundaries in Business and Relationships." Purchase at

She is a licensed mental health therapist, founder & CEO of Heaven to Earth LLC, which equips leaders to multiply L.I.F.E. without burning out in the process. As a Business Alignment Therapist, she specializes in teaching burned out leaders how to ditch the hustle and performance mentality to work from God's rest instead.


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