Susan Fleming, LPC

Author - Licensed Professional Counselor - Prophetic StrategistĀ 

EquippingĀ leaders to multiply LIFE - Legacy, Impact, Freedom, Energy - without burnout!

After 5 years practicing traditional mental health therapy I realized that psychology was only a piece of the healing puzzle. In my own journey I had incorporated the modalities of psychology, neuroscience, Kingdom assignment, mentorship, and coaching. God revealed to me how all of these beautiful pieces fit together, and that became the framework for my signature Multiplier Method.

Work was never meant to be toxic to the other areas of life, but we have learned the world's way of doing it. My commission is to alter marketplaceĀ culture with a new way to operate -- starting at the top!Ā I'm all about ditching the hustle and working from God's rest. His intention for us was always partnership, not performance.

Intimacy with God is the only way to have complete healing and THRIVE. The lie being sold is that you can read books, attend classes, andĀ work your way to becoming "the woman" and having "the life" you dream of. Those can be resources along the way, but only God is THE SOURCE from which you must be tethered.Ā 

Another strategy, system, or process is not going to change habits or stop cycles. The neural networks operating those limiting beliefs must be eliminated from your brain.Ā Don't worry -- It's not difficult and I can show exactly how to do it!


*SusanĀ is a licensed mental health therapist, #1 international best-selling author, and host of "Faith First Leader"Ā on YouTube. She lives in Georgia with her husband, two sons, and Peter Parker (the cat, not spiderman).