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Prophetic Journey:

Activating the Senses


No matter where you are in your prophetic journey, this is the essential resource that you didn't know you needed!

This prophetic journal was written to help you exercise your senses and retrain them to be attentive to the communication of Holy Spirit, as instructed in Romans 6:13 and Hebrews 5:14.

In the pages of this journal, you will have the opportunity to activate each sense and record the experience. The purpose of this journal is to intentionally engage with your God-given gifts and partner with Holy Spirit. 

#1 international best-selling author, prophetic strategist, licensed therapist, and podcast host, Susan Fleming has designed this prophetic journal with the intent of fueling your desire to know God's thoughts and heart towards YOU specifically. His love for you is indescribable, but you can experience it daily.

Activating the senses is a key to understanding how God is communicating with you all the time. May you be empowered to search out the mysteries of God's heart! 

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing." Proverbs 25:2 ampc



Just Say No:

14 Transformational Keys to Set Healthy Boundaries in Business and Relationships


If you’re a Faith-based entrepreneur, then Just Say No is the answer to master the art of saying no to those who don’t serve your purpose.

Instead, you will be inspired to say yes to yourself and your Kingdom assignment as you are called to influence on a greater scale.

With the knowledge to make intentional decisions, you will no longer act out of fear or seek the approval of others. Break away from false identities and remove yourself from toxic environments.

Overcome people-pleasing through fourteen transformational keys to cultivate and protect spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Follow the journey to wholeness that empowers you to set healthy boundaries in business and relationships.

Read 14 inspirational stories of Kingdom women about awakening the authentic self, which highlight the magnitude of owning your personal power and living in abundance.

Just Say No is your guide to break free from negative mindsets, heal from past wounds, unlock your potential and create the greatest impact in the lives of those to which you are called to serve.




What People Are Saying:

I felt like Susan was speaking to me. She was describing much of my life as a younger person and all the way throughout my twenties. Although I have received an incredible amount of breakthrough, I felt challenged to dive deeper into the revelation of rest. This book confirmed the importance of boundaries, and affirmed some of the more recent steps that I have taken. I thoroughly enjoyed the rich content and expertise that she provided.

--Diane Anil, Take Courage Ministries


The emotions, tasks, responsibilities and struggles women have daily can become isolating and drowning. This book is incredibly relatable and full of easy-to-activate steps. It will drown out the negative that pulls us from God, and direct us back to our trust in Him!

--Rachel Johnson, Hatch Coaching


Wow! God has made us for a purpose, and I can move forward in mine with these inspiring words. --Calvenia Moore


Susan is an expert in the field of mindset and working from a place of rest. I love the way she intertwines the need for both in fulfilling our calling to business and every aspect of our lives.

--Billie Breeden, Mindset Matters


Very inspiring, a must read for women!

--Dawn Terry-Styles


A refreshing outlook that offers feasible strategies. --Dawn Phipps


A revolutionary read that will change lives! No! is a complete sentence!

--Tamekia Allen Payne


Oh my goodness, I never realized I wasn't setting boundaries for myself. This book will shift my future.

--Crystal Sykes, Created Be Designer

I deeply relate to so much of Susan's story. A performance-driven perfectionist most of my life, I had come to believe that the success or failure of my business all depended on me. It took a long time to see for myself the emotional and mental toxicity that Susan uncovers here.

Learning that we are created for partnership, not performance, shifted everything for me. If embraced, the truths Susan shares in this book will set you free in your life and your business!

--Rachel Jenks, The Brand Boss Show


I love how encouraging and inspiring this book is! It made me evaluate the path that God has led me all throughout my life. Readers will be inspired and empowered by the practical steps given in this book.

--Maricar Guarin, His Daughters in Business


Engaging from the very beginning!

--Krishonna Williams