MULTIPLY LIFE - legacy, impact, freedom, energy - WITHOUT BURNOUT

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Abundance Mindset


Here's the deal, your brain is efficient and in order for it to conserve energy your subconscious runs 95% of your daily activities on autopilot. 

Why is that 95% important to you?

Your beliefs and values are held in your subconscious.

Putting in a lot of effort, but not seeing results?

It's time to work on your mindset!

What you BELIEVE is what you will SEE.

Susan walks you through exactly how to use these audio recordings, so that they are most effectively absorbed into your subconscious mind. 


What you'll get:

12 powerful audio declarations from God's word to address your mindset on

  • Activating Faith
  • Blessing and Prosperity
  • Favor
  • Legacy
  • And so much more! 


Client experiences: 

"The changes I've seen in my habits have been incredible! I'm honestly surprised at how well this worked. I didn't know the power of the subconscious, but now I believe it." Sandra K. 


"I used to believe change was extremely difficult to achieve. Now I understand that our behaviors come out of what we believe. Simply listening to these recordings every night has altered what I believe, and in turn has also changed how I function in my business. I'm making empowered decisions that I wouldn't have had the confidence to make before. Thank you Susan!"  Brandy B.


"I was skeptical. Could it really be as easy as listening to a few minutes before bed? Yes, the answer is YES! Susan made the process simple to understand and easy to apply. I chose the recordings that resonated with me, and I've already begun to see changes in how I think about faith and being an entrepreneur. God really does want my business to prosper! I didn't truly believe that before." Mike R.



Embracing Rest

Experience 2 hours with Jesus


Encounter the place of Resting in Jesus -

the REAL Truth of how to experience joy, peace, and healing!



#1 reason you are not progressing past your current goals, even though you're doing #allthethings



how your beliefs impact everything you do on a daily basis, and how to change them in your subconscious 



how to receive the overwhelming love of God like never before, without fear of being vulnerable



Here's what participants had to say:

"WOW. Just wow. I've survived four car accidents, so I've dealt with back pain for years. I do physical therapy every day for the pain. The last three days the pain wouldn't leave. When you said, "I feel like the Lord wants to heal someone" I said, "Lord, can it be my back?" Then you said to just release and I wasn't sure what to release, but in faith I told Him that I was releasing whatever it was that I needed to release, and immediately it stopped hurting! I'm walking around and stretching and it's 100% pain free." Melissa P.


"I was brought up to be independent, so this "trust walk" business is super difficult for me. I realized that I don't trust Him enough yet to be face to face with Jesus. This was so eye opening to me, and I wanted to thank you for that." Diane M.


"I'm now able to accept true love. So much healing has happened for me to be able to accept love from others." Brianna V.


"Jesus met me. I bowed my head, and He lifted my face with His hands. Then He swept me up and carried me to the throne room, and placed me on Father's lap." Cynthia 



What People Are Saying:


OMG can we talk about game changer?!  Thank you for your ministry and your words.  I'm so blessed by everything you said.  I have a whole note on my phone FULL of wisdom from you that I needed to shift my mind into abundance.  I mean, chains breaking off of my mind!  You are anointed and equipped for this work.  You have to keep sharing the Father's heart.

--Brandi M 


Why has no one told me this before?! It is imperative to create wealth in partnership with God, so that the overflow is advancing His Kingdom and not my own. He has promised to supply beyond what I need, so that I can bless the nations! 

--Mich N



"Susan, I love your approach to explaining things. A big connection I made was that mindset is 80% of our business, and our subconscious runs 95% of our activities on auto-pilot, therefore changes in our subconscious beliefs will result in our behaviors (business or otherwise) being effortless! Operating from a place of ease, flow, and alignment with God." 

--Shaina Q


God is not in charge of your business #mindblown Learning that it's a partnership with God unlocked my next level of abundance and provision. Thank you Susan!!

--Rhiannon H



Susan's workshop showed me that God is abundantly generous, and there is a never-ending storehouse waiting for me. He gives me power to create wealth. He has called me to have a thriving business, not just one that barely stays afloat. Goodbye to just paying the overhead, and

--Veronica C


I took so many notes, I just need the entire workshop transcribed! God had already told me that I needed to REST and BELIEVE. So, when you said that we need to recognize God as the Source to work from REST - whoa! I knew it was Him confirming His word to me. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

--Tara G