Presidents of nations have advisors.

State governors have advisors. 

Kings and Sultans have advisors.

Ministers have advisors. 

Admirals have advisors. 

Celebrities have advisors. 

Directors have advisors. 

Musicians have advisors. 

Authors have advisors. 


I have great news for you… 


In just one 30 minute Strategic Prophetic Advisement Session we can unlock heaven's divine strategy for your business!


I understand that it can be difficult for visionary leaders to see the details of the bigger picture. You know the end goal, but what are the best steps to take to get there? With so many options available, how can you know what God wants you to do?


It can often feel easier and faster to rely on business acumen than to "search out the ways of the Lord." Perhaps you are not confident in hearing His voice. Or maybe you think it involves hours of reading scripture to find answers. 


Let me reassure you that it does NOT have to be that way!

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Get the clarity you need to strategically move forward!


🔑 Past clients have asked these questions:

"Is this business partnership long-term or just for this season?"

"I'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking about launching this new podcast. I need a simple launch strategy."

"Here's my quarterly business plan. Can you provide confirmation or new direction?"

"Enrollment for my program closes in 3 days and no one has bought! What do I do?"

"Can I enroll coaching clients through an application or do I have to provide discovery calls?"

"Here is what my offer includes. Where is that pricing sweet spot?"

"I felt led to read this scripture, but I'm not sure how it relates to me."

"How do I structure this new program when I haven't run it before?" 

"I need to generate $10k in the next 30 days, but I'm unsure of the best strategy."

"I'm restructuring the buying experience for my services. Do you see gaps in my customer journey?"

"What is the best way to handle this dispute between myself and an unhappy contractor?" 

Book My SPA Session

In October 2022 the Lord showed me through a dream that I am a spiritual midwife to those who need an accelerated birthing. I am to "provide strategies for efficiency and effectiveness."

That is exactly what I do in these 30 minute SPA sessions!

You can ask your most pressing business question and I'll share what I hear the Lord saying for your specific situation. 

God does not want to micro-manage your business. However, He does care about the details. God loves it when His children seek wisdom.

It is my honor to seek God's wisdom on your behalf. 


"Prize Wisdom highly and exalt her, and she will promote you; she will bring you to honor when you embrace her." Proverbs 4:8

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