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Veronica Hoddenbagh is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs communicate with clarity, authenticity and authority so that they no longer wonder what to say to connect with their ideal clients and grow their businesses.

How would you say that you've been able to really step into being yourself and connect authentically with the people that you're serving?


Veronica: One of the things that it always comes back to for me is remembering that God is the God of my business, and there isn't this separation of being God in my life. It's not like I have to be a "professional business owner" over here and we don't talk about those things. He is the God of my business and I wouldn't have the business if it wasn't for him allowing that in my life. Also remembering that I need to be faithful to Him as much as He is to me. I love what you said, that I'm not shoving it out there all the time, but I'm also not afraid to talk about Him. I think it's just a natural flow of everything that I do, because being a Christian isn't a part of me it is who I am and I can't compartmentalize it. I've struggled at times and asked myself if I should pull back on this or say less. I've questioned, "Am I being faithful? Am I doing this right?" 


The more time I just spend with the Lord I see that it's not about doing it right or checking all the boxes. I'm the type of person I want to check off the list and I love a completed checklist. God has really been asking me, "Are you being faithful if I put something on your heart to share? Do you share it or are you pulling back thinking about what other people are going to think?" He is showing me that I'm ultimately created for an audience of one, not an audience of however many people I have following me on instagram. I'm creating for an audience of one and I'm creating for the glory of God. Whoever else gets the benefit of that then great, but ultimately I'm creating for his glory. So me showing up authentically really just means me showing up faithfully to whatever God has called me to share, and trusting Him with the results. 


I don't want it to get lost on anyone that you have a business and you're showing up and working that business, but what I'm hearing you say is that even though visibility is important you have permission to step back. Talk more about that.


Veronica: We can make social media or even posting on it or "visibility" an idol of "I have to be visible all the time in order to be successful or in order to grow my business." One of the things that has been so huge for me is the fact that often in my seasons of rest and pulling back, because of seeking God and Him just pulling me right back; those are the times when I'm the most "successful" by worldly standards. It's the complete opposite of what you would expect, but the reason being that when I'm obeying God He takes care of the results. So if He is telling me don't do that summit you were invited to or don't speak on that podcast where humanly speaking it's great visibility for the business, I can confidently say "no" and trust Him to take care of the rest. He is my provider. It's incredible to me and it's a good reminder for my own heart that the ultimate success of my business or how many clients I have or how much revenue we generate isn't actually my effort – it's my obedience. He's faithful to provide and it's not my effort or my activity that ultimately leads to the results. 

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