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Interview with Rachel Jenks, THE Brand Boss with more than 23 years in Marketing and Communications, her passion is empowering business owners to "OWN your difference and rock your brand like a Boss."

After working in various industries, has it been difficult to remain focused on the vision and not get distracted?

Rachel: While I've worked in the marketing industry for 23 years, I didn't know that is where I was called to until about three years ago. It's one thing to function in an industry, and it's another thing to know that God called you to impact an industry. The way you approach it and now show up in it is very different. Shiny object syndrome is real; being a visionary and wanting to chase dreams is real. We also can get caught up in "This is how we should do it." So there are all sorts of distractions, and yes it's been a journey for the Lord and I to walk through. 


One of the things that truly attracted me to you was your authenticity. How have you been able to really step into being yourself and connecting vulnerably and authentically?

Rachel: Thank you, that's a huge compliment to me. Authenticity is one of my life messages and it's one of my life passions. I spent so much of my life being who I thought I had to be and filling roles. Being this to be accepted or being that to fit in. So I have been on a journey now for about six years of God just unpacking that in my life. Stripping away all of the outside noise and all of the outside definitions of who I am, and freeing me to just be me. It's not been easy, but it's so freeing! There are two things when it comes to authenticity: one is knowing who He says I am and allowing that to move from my head to my heart, and two is then seeing myself that way.


What is something you think people misunderstand about you?

Rachel: I sometimes wonder if people think I like being vulnerable and sharing my journal on the internet; that I like letting everybody in behind the scenes. What you don't know is that every time I do it, it's still hard. It's not easy for me to do that, but I choose to do it because I know it will help you. It's not easy, but I've already made my choice and given God my "yes." 


What is an important skill that someone needs to master to succeed in business? 

Rachel: Perseverance without a doubt perseverance, because there will be ups and there will be downs. It will not look like what you expect and you will have seasons that feel like "What the heck is happening?" If you don't choose perseverance and if you are not able to master that skill then, you will not make it in business. Business is a long game particularly for those of us who know we're here to make an impact. That will not always be an easy road, and a lot of times it will not make any sense. If you don't persevere you will not make it, but if you do persevere and you have the courage to trust and choose to keep saying "yes" – that is how you build a sustainable business. 

So much more GOLD to share with you from Rachel. She does impart a blessing at the end, which is phenomenal! To watch the full episode, go to

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