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kingdom leadership
Kingdom Leadership

Interview with Kathleen T. Lindsay, empowerment strategist and life coach born to impart, empower and activate spiritual truths in a manner that effectively trains and equips men and women of God to discover their authentic selves, true callings and purposes in the earth. 


Take us back to 12 year old Kathleen. What was going on and what were you like?


Kathleen: I was a bit of a tomboy. I was doing a lot of the things that just didn't fit the mold of a 12 year old girl - football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming. I think being adopted skewed my early life. I remember just always thinking about what is going on in the big picture. The narrative was always pointing back to, "Why did my mom give me up?" and trying to navigate that question. 


What would you say to that person who is maybe in that position of questioning what is my calling and how do I figure that out?


Kathleen: Well, the root of it is always going to be embracing that you are made in the Father's image. I think a lot of times that's what happens through the fatherlessness that's going on in the world. Many of us have had fathers that haven't been able to necessarily give us our identity and we're seeking to fill those places in our heart through earthly means. As leaders we can rush people who maybe aren't really solid in who they are, and that's the most important thing. Take your time. God's timing is perfect. 


He has spoken to me so many times, "Susan, I'm not in a hurry." 


Kathleen: And have you found too that some of that in our hearts that we want to rush and journey through life and need to accomplish this, don't you believe that that some of that is a distraction in itself? I've got to be busy because I know God told me to do a b c d e f g, but are we doing the heart checks? Are we really allowing the father to minister to our hearts in those hurt places so we can recognize when we are walking in false identity? Can recognize and acknowledge the father loves us so much and we can just acknowledge that we're hurting. Just acknowledge it and watch him do what he does to get you in that place of truth. 


I'd love to go back to something that you said earlier, "I was raised Catholic." How did you find the Kingdom message, and what was that transition like for you?


Kathleen: I didn't even know scripture, because that's not what I was taught. But when you have the Truth; it was in me before the foundations, before I was formed in my mother's womb it was there. The truth was in me and it just had to be released. I didn't recognize it yet, but I knew something wasn't aligned with the truth. That just shows the power of God. That regardless of where you are in any given moment it doesn't negate the call, it doesn't negate the love, it doesn't negate the peace, it doesn't negate the vision that God has placed in your life.


If you could go back and talk with your 12 year old self, what would you say?


Kathleen: You are indeed God's beloved daughter. Absolutely you are amazing and God did create you for great purposes to lead others. You are bold. You are courageous. You are uniquely designed to lead others into their purpose and destiny. Don't be afraid to be you. You were called to bring heaven to earth. 

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