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Interview with Kate Nash, industry expert in course creation. She’s developed hundreds of courses taken by more than 250,000 students in multiple industries. In 2020, she left the corporate world to help online course creators deliver programs their clients and customers love. 

Has it been difficult for you to remain focused on the calling of God? 


Kate: Yes, because for a long time I felt like I had just barely made it in. What I mean by that is I know that I need Jesus, but Jesus doesn't need me. What is blowing my mind as I get older is that He would involve us and wants to use us. It felt like I was a charity case for God, so I think that's probably been some of the hardest struggle in stepping into more of my power; more of the power that He's given me more, instead of thinking that I didn't have any. 


How have you been able to really step into being yourself and connecting authentically with your audience?


Kate: I don't feel I've always been authentically myself. I remember when I was younger believing messages that it was okay to have different personas. Sometimes people say they wear different hats. So, I wear my mom hat or I wear my business hat, but I've begun to see that that approach for me hasn't worked. For me, that hat turns into a persona. So the desire that I've had over the last few years is how can I draw all these disparate hats or these personas into a single person. This idea of integrity comes from the word integer meaning one or whole. Being a person of integrity, how can I be the same in every situation? So I'm the same when I show up here. I'm the same when I talk to my daughter. I'm the same when I talk to my dad. Even though I'm a daughter, a mother, a friend, I'm still the same person. 


How important have mentorships and coaching been for you in this journey?


Kate: It's been hard for me to accept mentorship, because the whole idea of believing for such a long time that I was unlovable made it very difficult for me to believe people when they said good things about me. I had to learn to believe and receive love, and receive direction without thinking that they were pointing out my mistakes. 


How did you kind of flip that switch and come into being able to receive love and compliments and good things from people?


Kate: Still a work in progress here. One thing was that my best friend died about six years ago, and it really caused me to look closely at my life. I saw that she was a very beautiful person, but she didn't accept how beautiful she was and that caused a lot of problems for her. So it really made me look at myself and how I was viewing myself. We can see somebody else's journey and have an opportunity to do something amazing like that person. Or we have an opportunity to say she's an amazing beautiful person and the fact that she was stuck in her particular life has really nothing to do with who God created her to be. It had to do with how she saw herself. If she could see herself the way that I saw her or the way that God saw her, then I don't believe her life would have been as difficult as it was. 

There is so much more goodness in this conversation as we dive into what people misunderstand about course creation, and how to make your course transformative - not just informational. Kate also shares what she thinks makes a great leader, and how self-awareness shapes our experiences in life. 


To get the full conversation, watch it here 

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