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Heather is a speaker, coach and host of the Seek First CEO podcast. She is a mom of 3, married to her best friend for 9 years, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Heather is a multi-passionate entrepreneur whose greatest passion is pointing high achieving servant hearted women to Jesus. 

As a Master Neuroscience Business & Biblical Life coach, she helps ambitious CEO's manage their mind and emotions so they can manage their life and business by living in F.L.O.W.™ with the Holy Spirit!

At what point do you think you caught the vision of who God was calling you to serve?


Heather: Growing up I never questioned what I wanted to do. I knew I was going to be a teacher, so I went and got my elementary certification. Then quickly went into my first job teaching and realized it was not what I thought it would be. I was in my early 20s and very emotionally, even spiritually immature. Of course I wanted to impact kids and teach for all the right reasons, but there was a heavy responsibility. I realized that it was not one that I was ready to carry. So I ended up transitioning into sales for education, which was a really a natural transition. That's what got me into the business world.


Since being in business, have you always been drawn to working with women?


Heather: My heart is burdened for the woman who is sitting on a gold mine. Sitting on a gold mine of treasures and goodness and love and joy and peace and all of the things that we're seeking after in this world. You know a lot of the times we're looking in the wrong places, but Jesus offers it all. My heart is burdened for her, because she thinks she has it but she doesn't. She's maybe only scratched the surface, because that's familiar and comfortable. As the lord has just continued to open my eyes to truly understand "on earth as it is in heaven" it's led me deeper into intimacy with Him. 


I think your authenticity is something that draws people to you. How have you been able to step into the woman God made you to be and show up authentically to serve?


Heather: The experiences and encounters I've had with God have made Him so real to me; no one can take that from me. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, no one can take that experience from me. So, that freed me to be me and follow my passion to help women. The boldness comes from if I'm going to be so passionate about sharing a product or a service, then I also want to be equally if not more passionate about sharing how Jesus has impacted my life. So there's this boldness that comes about that it's a gift. It is a gift and you don't have to receive it, but I absolutely feel it is my duty and my honor to share the gift.

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