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Leadership power couple, Bob and Lauren Hasson


Bob Hasson has been a businessman for over 40 years. His passion is strengthening leaders and their organizations. His wisdom and strength for entrepreneurs, ministries, and leaders has been won through years of overcoming difficult trials in business.

You may know him from co-authoring "The Business of Honor" with Danny Silk or "Wired to Hear" with Shawn Bolz. He is also the co-host of "Exploring the Marketplace" podcast with Shawn Bolz. This year he released his first solo project, "Shortcuts: the Proven Path to Purpose, Excellence, & Calling"


Lauren Hasson is the founder and director of Lifestreams Ministries, an organization of like-minded leaders who champion one another and their cities, forming visionary relationships for Kingdom causes. As a speaker and writer, she delivers biblical, revelatory teaching with a prophetic edge that equips and empowers people to walk in the truths of who God has created them to be. 

After 34 years of marriage and four children, they credit their individual relationships with God as the Source of their success. Both agree that having a personal and intimate relationship with God first is the key to having an incredible relationship with anyone else, romantic or otherwise. When you allow God to fill you, then you stop looking to other people or material things to complete you. Your identity does not come from what you do or how other people label you. Identity comes from the one who made YOU! 


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