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Gail Root is a Kingdom Business Coach, speaker, trainer and author. She serves women of faith in direct sales and network marketing. Her passion is watching her clients get their business aligned with Kingdom values so they can serve, prosper & multiply - at the highest level.

God uniquely equipped her for decades for her current assignment - leading a movement of women, Kingdom Dreamchasers, who are rising, collaborating, prospering and multiplying for God with God and because of God! Redeeming an industry for His Glory!

When did you catch the vision of who God was calling you to serve?


Gail: As a young mother I wanted to be home with my children, and I had grown up around direct sales. My father was in the industry, and I grew up watching him empower women at a time when women were supposed to be homemakers. So watching him help them to honor that call to stay home, but also want to bless their family financially and use the gifts that God had given them – it planted a deep seed in me. I knew there was an entrepreneurial call on my life from a young age, but I also wanted to be a stay-at-home wife and mother and direct sales allowed me to do that. Once my boys went to college, God called me to Christian coaching and I thought I was leaving the industry. He showed me that the relationships I had built there were not over, it was morphing into something of a hybrid. I'm no longer affiliated with any company, but I'm coaching the women who are in the industry to build their business on kingdom values. 


How have you been able to really step into being yourself and connecting authentically with those that you're serving?


Gail: I think authenticity comes when we are not living in fear. I had a girlfriend tell me years ago that we live for the audience of one. That radically impacted me, and it was one of those defining moments in my life. There are definitely women that I watch that show up authentically, and when you see a woman online being authentic it gives you freedom to do it yourself. It casts vision for you to give freely and be authentic too. I think ultimately to answer the question is this, I really believe that our currency for favor is authenticity. If you think of a currency as a transaction, and we want favor from the Lord, we want favor for our clients, our customers, whoever were in community with; if we want favor I really believe authenticity is the currency. In this online world we're so inundated with people coming at us with things and stuff and so there's a wall up, and we're on guard. However, when someone is authentic, then we allow that wall to come down and we allow a conversation to happen. So I think the more we can focus on being who God has called us to be, then that naturally happens and the authenticity comes out. I'm able to show up authentically without fear and then I see the fruit.


What do you think is misunderstood about the network marketing industry?


Gail: This industry is founded on Biblical principles and yet the enemy has had a foothold in it for so long. There's a lot of shame and negativity associated with being a network marketer. I believe that is because the enemy doesn't want women to live in the freedom it offers. He doesn't want her to find freedom, to find servant leadership, to find the community, to find multiplication. He wants to get into her mind and undermine it at every turn. 

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