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kingdom leadership
Kingdom Leadership

Interview with Buki Ekeowa, business growth mentor and marketing strategist with a background in real estate. She has a strong passion to help kingdom women build businesses online that thrive by building on biblical principles. 

When did you catch the vision of who God was calling you to serve?


Buki: In 2016 God gave me a revelation of my name, which means "God is adding more to wealth." John 10:10 has always been a scripture that I've held onto, that Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance. So, that alongside my name was like God saying to me "this is what I've designed you for. I've designed you to create wealth, but not just wealth in itself but to know that I am in it and to embrace me before wealth." In that same year I received a prophecy that I was going to be leading women of faith in the area of business. 


How are you able to show up authentically for your audience and those you serve?


Buki: I'm just me! I'm not sure how to answer that, but I'd say that I have a passion to see God's fullness in my life. When I read the book of Acts, for example, I wonder why we don't see this on the earth? Jesus is real, He's true, and I want to experience the fullness of that. I read about the people of the earth who have lived that out, and I'm like, "God I want that in my life." To have that fullness I know that means being obedient and being surrendered, so I just don't care about what anyone else has to say. 


Has it been difficult to find those spaces where you can just be you, and not be "the leader?"


Buki: Yes yes yes yes. I've had to reach out to those who I feel like are on par with what I'm doing, just to have someone who understands and necessarily being the one people look up to. It's been a bit of a challenge. I think it's a heart cry for every leader. Leaders need a place to go for just that security, that just being yourself, being able to kind of pour out things.


What do you think makes a great leader? 


Buki: Your ability to demonstrate how to serve. Demonstrating being a servant, because you could talk all day long. You can speak about it, but when I see it in you and I can see who you are as a person, I see you know how to come down to a level and you're able to serve and yet still be the leader even in the place of serving; for me that's a powerful thing. Your character is more important than anything else. I always pray, "Lord, let my life speak." I can talk for hours, but I think what makes someone really great is who they are as a person. 

So many more gold nuggets out of this conversation! To watch the full episode here 

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