2:2 Challenge

Brain-Based Vision Mapping with Holy Spirit









Write My Vision

You will not see it until you believe it!


 "What does that even mean Susan?"

It means that your brain has already been programmed to believe what is possible,

and that AUDACIOUS goal you have been going after isn't on the list.

In this 2 hour workshop you will...


The limiting subconscious beliefs that sabotage you from breaking through to YOUR next level of success and ABUNDANCE


The easy to implement strategy for RENEWING your MIND based on the power of science and scripture, so that you become UNSTOPPABLE 


The FREEDOM of a limitless mind that knows how to work less and be more productive, so that you can have more impact.

Write My Vision

If I know anything about the visionary leaders I serve,

it's that you are ON MISSION.


 You are driven by seeing lives transformed, and you are NOT playing small. 


Unfortunately, that doesn't automatically correlate to MORE IMPACT.

Let me guess… 


You’re doing everything you "should" do in order to break through to the next level.


You have read all the books

You have attended all the conferences

You are declaring and decreeing everyday


You are working hard and putting in long hours, but you are realizing that the end of the year is around the corner.


You are definitely NOT where you thought you would be by this point.

Now you are feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, and burned out.

 You may even feel as though you have become a slave to your business.


I have GREAT NEWS for you!


You can actually REWIRE those sabotaging subconscious stories to get your brain working for you.


Your brain is a super computer!


It's the only computer designed so that the software can transform the hardware. 


You're a busy leader who does NOT need more information. 


You need an easy-to-implement strategy for RENEWING your MIND, 

so that you become UNSTOPPABLE 


Through the power of neuroscience and scripture you can


to unlock your next level, and that's exactly what I'll teach you how to do!


My mission as a Business Alignment Therapist is to equip you to

MULTIPLY L.I.F.E. - legacy, impact, freedom, energy - WITHOUT BURNOUT 


Write My Vision

Kristen Edwards

Leadership Coach,
Owner of Kristen Edwards Co.


"Before working with Susan I had built up walls to protect myself. Just one session with her became a major turning point for me. It has given me a new outlook on life!

I paid off debt and doubled my business sales equaling a 10x ROI. I've been kinder to my children and now have the energy to workout consistently (lost 5lbs).

Most of all, I feel motivated to continue on the journey to creating my best life.

Biblical mindset strategies were the missing link."

Anita Albert-Watson

Business Coach,
Owner of Kingdom Calling LLC


"This woman right here – Whoa! I immediately saw the anointing on her life, her sweet spirit, and her incredible skill set. When it was time for me to hire a mindset coach for my clients, Susan was a no-brainer. She uses neuroscience and psychology as tools, but keeps Jesus as the primary healer in working with clients. She is also an expert on money mindset and how to access the abundant provision of God, for the very things He is calling you to accomplish! Susan has the keys to unlocking abundance and healing, which is why I trusted her with my clients. No more poverty spirit or orphan mentality after working with her!"

Diane Anil

Business Coach, Prophetic Trainer
Take Courage Ministries 


"Susan was a guest speaker for my mentorship group and she spoke a message that brought keys of sustainable transformation for the women. Her wisdom, expertise, anointing, and love for Father God creates an opportunity for breakthrough and healing for those around her. Susan is humble, yet powerful in her approach! She carries peace and rest in her voice and presence, inviting those around her to step into the same. Susan lives her message and I'm honored to have sat under her teaching!"


This innovative 2 hour workshop addresses:

✔️ The unique Kingdom assignment for your business

✔️ WHY your brain is sabotaging your business (and what to do about it)

✔️ Neuroscience tools you need to accelerate your transformation while you sleep

✔️ Mindset needed to create exponential growth capacity in your life and business 

✔️ Secret to my signature Multiplier Method and how it rewires your brain for lasting success 


What you will receive: 

✔️ 2 hours of interactive material aimed at facilitating business growth 

✔️ Proven neuroscience techniques to accelerate your learning into implementation (not theory)

✔️ Customized vision map providing the GPS your brain needs to reach YOUR goals 

✔️ Targeted, personalized feedback through LIVE coaching during the sessions 


BONUS 🎉 Scale Without Burnout Audio Training Series 🎉 

4 FIRE packed, short training sessions teach you God's timeless principles for working with ease. Business was never intended to be toxic. Allow me to show you how you too can work less hours and be significantly more impactful for those you are called to serve.

Write My Vision

Who is Susan Fleming?

Former queen of burnout who learned the hard way that you cannot hustle your way to success! 

I was the poster child for perfectionism, anxiety, and performance mentality. I believed that hard work would get me to my goals, but after multiple failed attempts at business (and a ruined marriage) I realized there was a problem. 

Hustle and grind was costing me everything I cared about. I spent more time in my business than with my family. Something had to change! 

God finally got my attention and started teaching me about His rest. Now my passion is to change entrepreneurial culture.

I want to help every leader who feels that same burning for impact yet thinks there aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. Co-laboring with God has opened my mind to new possibilities and strategies for stewarding time, energy, money, and resources. 

In my own journey I have incorporated the modalities of psychology, neuroscience, Kingdom assignment, mentorship, and coaching. God revealed to me how all of these beautiful pieces fit together, and that became the framework for my signature Multiplier Method