It's time to DITCH the HUSTLE!!! 


You are exhausted by working 12+ hours a day with little to show for it.

You are spending more time working than being with your family. 

You have lost the JOY of helping others and work feels HARD. 

You appear successful to others, but you secretly desire MORE and feel bad about it.

You are overcome with the desire to do everything "right" and your biggest FEAR is disappointing God or being out of His will.

I have great news for you… 


Scaling your impact 

❌ Does NOT have to feel hard or heavy 

❌ Does NOT require more time or energy

❌ Does NOT require you to please God 


In these 4 FIRE 🔥 packed training sessions, I share the lessons learned and the easy-to-follow signature framework you need to expand your impact, without burning out in the process. 

Learn God's timeless principles for working with ease. Business was never intended to be toxic. Allow me to show you how you too can work less hours and be significantly more impactful for those you are called to serve.

If you're the overworked, frustrated, nearly burned out leader who KNOWS you are great at what you do, but feel like your message is falling on deaf ears... 

This is the audio series for YOU (and it's totally FREE)!

You CAN scale your impact without investing more time, energy, and resources on tasks that bring minimal results! 

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Audio Activation #1:

Strategy is Not Your Bottleneck

If your goal is to scale, then you need to know what IS going to work! THE mindset that will dramatically accelerate your results, without requiring you to work more hours and miss more time with your family. Otherwise, your focus is in the wrong place and you stay stuck.

In this training I'm sharing the role mindset plays in business success, and why learning a new strategy is actually counter-productive to hitting your goals.

Audio Activation #2:

Write the Vision & Make it Plain

You may have heard people say that you should "fake it until you make it," but acting out of alignment will actually make it harder to reach your goals. Why? Because your brain doesn't believe it!

Here's what you need to know: If your brain doesn't have a GPS location for where it's going, then it can only take you where you've already been. In this training, I'll show you exactly how to create that GPS location.

Audio Activation #3: 

The Exact Next Steps

How many times have you said, "Just tell me what to do Lord and I'll do it!"

Well, your brain has to see where it's going to feel safe about actually going there. In this training, you will get the step-by-step process God took me through in the journey from performance to partnership. 

Audio Activation #4: 

Aligned Revolution

Now that you have the steps it's time to implement, but HOW?

This final training includes all the details of what it looks like for us to implement this in YOUR specific business – together!

 Are you ready?

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