Invitation to Apply


Hi, I'm Susan Fleming, founder of Heaven to Earth. 


You've landed on this page, because you're interested in working with me. Here I'm going to outline what you can expect within the Aligned Revolution, so that you can make the best decision for YOU about whether or not to join.


I created the Aligned Revolution mastermind, because I could not find anything else out there like it. Seriously, I looked! I saw the issue of burnout plaguing so many great leaders, but I didn't see a solution. I didn't see anyone offering amazing leaders help with eliminating burnout, so they could continue being a passionate leader making an impact. No one can be impactful if they're experiencing the symptoms of burnout.


I kept praying that God would lead me to what I was searching for – and He did, but not in the way I was expecting. I thought He would show me a group to join or another coach to work with, but what He did instead has changed my life. He taught ME the process of eliminating burnout. He gave me the solution! And I'm thrilled to be able to offer it to YOU!


Once inside the Aligned Revolution mastermind you can expect elite level coaching inside of an intimate container. Remember that I'm also a therapist, so I have training beyond 98% of coaches online today. I know what questions to ask to help you uncover those subconscious stories keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel of striving for MORE impact, influence, and income.


Using neuroscience techniques, scripture, and experiences with God we will work together to eliminate the core beliefs keeping you from increase. I will teach you exactly how to multiply your impact, your freedom, and your energy without investing more hours into your business. I know that is sweet music to your ears!


If you are looking for acceleration, then choose the VIP option which gets you direct access to me 24/5 through a private app. I'm so excited to hear from you and I hope to see you inside the revolution.


Scroll down to fill out the application. You will hear back from me via email within 48 hours. Email any questions to [email protected]